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Next generation assembly exercises - Education 4.0

The GUNT Media Center turns our basic technology projects into digital projects: Classic learning content is combined with digital content and methods.


Our technology projects include

  • hardware on an industrial level
  • digital data package


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In this video, we will show you all the details of our technology projects:


  • What is the overall concept?
  • What are the essential parts of our technology projects?
  • What functions does the GUNT Media Center offer?
  • What exercises can be carried out with the digital data?




Hardware Aufbewahrung

Our kits are designed for technical colleges and company training centres. The close link between theory and practice-based learning content is evident.


  • assembly exercises on an industrial level
  • clear storage system
  • complete set of assembly tools included



A selection of our assembly exercises is given here:


» Piston compressor MT 141


» Gear pump MT 136

Hardware Armaturen

Valves and fittings

» Pneumatically driven control valve MT 101

» Electrically driven control valve MT 102



Of course, we would like to present the assembly exercises during an online presentation.

Please use the » contact form for this purpose.



Digital data package

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The GUNT Media Center serves as the platform providing digital data for tablet, PC or smartphone via the internet. Customers can access files and product information of selected products independent of time and place. The data includes CAD files as STP or DXF files as well as PDF files and videos.


  • all files directly available via internet browser: smartphone, tablet or PC

  • no further software required

  • constant updating of the data, available for you as customer, and absolutely free


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Screenshot 3D

3D drawings

  • rotate the entire object to any position
  • mark a component: by clicking on the component, it is highlighted in the drawing and in the model tree
  • hide and show components
  • transparent representation of the object
  • cut through the selected view
Screenshot Video


  • assembly and disassembly
  • step by step, including tools and devices
  • short animation of the assembled unit in action
  • component names used for easy identification
Screenshot Explosion

Exploded views

  • assembly drawings consist of PDF files and DXF files
  • with item numbers and part numbers
Screenshot Zeichnung

Engineering drawings and lists of parts

  • well structured in component groups
  • complete set of drawings for each component group with PDF, DXF and STP files
Screenshot Anleitung


  • detailed exercise manuals
  • description of software tools
  • file conversion tool


Screenshot didakt

Instructional material

The GUNT Media Centre has recently been expanded with instructional material. A selection of the following content is available for various devices:


  • exercises with password-protected solutions
  • methodical and didactical hints
  • smartboard illustrations


Digital competences


Our technology projects form the ideal basis for developing your students' digital skills in a targeted way. For this purpose, the following exercises are possible:


  • Design exercises

The provided files can be edited with all common CAD systems. For example, the transmission ratio of a gear can be modified as an exercise.


  • ERP system

The GUNT parts lists and drawings can be processed in an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). This enables interdisciplinary tasks around production, e.g. from the areas of work planning or materials management.


  • 3D printing or CNC manufacturing

The design data can be used for spare parts production by 3D printing and CNC manufacturing technology.




In our download area, you will find all documents available as PDF in one place.



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