Digital media in fluid mechanics

HM15021 zwei Studenten
Real experiments – digital media

The HM 150 series offers a varied experimental cross-section in the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. The digital teaching-learning concept offers an interaction between real experiments and digital teaching.


The GUNT Science Media Center provides videos to support students in preparing, executing and evaluating experiments. Prepared CFD simulations help to understand the flow behaviour.

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GUNT Science Media Center


CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD simulations

In order to perform a virtual analysis of flow behaviour, CFD simulations are often used in practice. Such simulations allow, for example, flow visualisations in areas that cannot be visualised experimentally.


In the GUNT Science Media Center, flow visualisations based on CFD calculations are available online. The results of the simulations are presented in videos or graphics. Basic information on the visualisations supplements the teaching material.




  • theory and principles

Experiment preparation:

  • device set-up
  • connection of water supply, measuring devices etc.

Experiment execution:

  • detailed description of the individual steps
  • handling of components, measuring devices etc.

Experiment evaluation:

  • results of the experiments
  • calculations, discussion of the results




Manual and digital worksheets

  • manual with detailed description of the experimental unit
  • assured learning success through digital worksheets
  • password-protected solutions
  • prepared files for experiment evaluation, e.g. representation of characteristic curves



E-Learning course

E Learning

Suitable for the topic of the respective experimental unit, an E-Learning course is available on


  • fundamentals of fluid mechanics,
  • basic knowledge of water turbines or
  • fundamentals of open-channel flow.


This way, students can study the theoretical basics on their own, independent of time and location.




Product overview




Product overview

Basic knowledge

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Basic knowledge

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Basic knowledge




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