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Wind power - technology with a future



The utility of modern wind turbines is as varied as the theoretical principles required for their development. With GUNT, all subject areas - energy generation from wind power, plant control, aerodynamics, gear technology, machine monitoring - can be deepened in theory and practice.

Practical laboratory experiments are completed by a free » E-Learn course.




Remote learning with GUNT




Extensive multi-media didactic materials from GUNT on the laboratory experiments is available online. This enables students to prepare specifically for the laboratory experiments at their external workplace.

This link takes you to the multi-media didactic materials:

» Wind energy      » Control engineering      » Fluid mechanics      » Heat transfer


Remote Lab


You can set up a Remote Lab in your laboratory using the network-compatible GUNT units via your network. For this you need a webcam, a suitable software such as MS Teams and a terminal such as a laptop.
The video shows you how to set up and use your Remote Lab with network-compatible GUNT devices.



Thermal process engineering - remote and digital


Rectification in detail

with CE 600


Rectification is an important thermal separation method in industry for separating homogeneous liquid mixtures, e.g. to fractionate crude oil.
With CE 600, GUNT developed a trainer that leaves nothing to be desired:

  • extensive experimental range with 3 interchangeable columns: bubble cap tray column, sieve tray column and packed column

  • device control with PLC, operation via touch screen or an end device

  • remote learning: real-time access via end devices enables lab experiments with sufficient distance

Click here to continue directly with the device description:
» CE 600 Continuous rectification

» further information

thermoline web



Control engineering from basic to advanced


RT0x0RT45xRT590 web

RT0x0RT45xRT590 web

RT0x0RT45xRT590 web


Digital learning in control engineering


On the subject of control engineering GUNT offers a variety of practical training options complemented by an E-Learn course and remote learning possibilities. Depending on the level of knowledge and training, different experimental units are available to support from the basic level through to challenging tasks.

1. Introduction to the topic with RT 010 - RT 060
The handy and space-saving devices are perfect for introducing students to the topic of control engineering. The combination of the real controlled system and software simulations offers a high reference to industrial applications and thus aids understanding.

» RT 010 Training system level control, HSI
» RT 020 Training system flow control, HSI
» RT 030 Training system pressure control, HSI
» RT 040 Training system temperature control, HSI
» RT 050 Training system speed control, HSI
» RT 060 Training system position control, HSI

2. Practice-oriented learning with RT 451 - RT 455
Mobile trainers with industrial components offer the possibility to enhance skills in a practical manner. The use of smart sensors provides an introduction to Industry 4.0.

» RT 451 Level control
» RT 452 Flow control
» RT 453 Pressure control
» RT 454 Temperature control
» RT 455 pH value control

3. Industrial scale for advanced users with RT 590
RT 590 represents the model of a complete industrial plant and thus offers maximum practical relevance. The plant combines four control loops in one unit and enables practical fault analysis on the basis of simulated typical faults.

» RT 590 Process control engineering experimental plant

» further information




GUNT-Fluid Line - fundamentals of fluid mechanics



Remote teaching and learning

on the fundamentals of fluid mechanics


GUNT-Fluid Line
GUNT offers the FLUID LINE series of innovative devices for the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. With the GUNT-Fluid Line you can also carry out lab experiments at corona times: remote and digital.

How does that work?

Laboratory experiments are possible with sufficient distance via screen mirroring technology: you have access to ongoing experiments via screen mirroring on up to 10 end devices. One student carries out the experiments, the others follow the experiments in the laboratory at a sufficient distance via their terminal, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Please find further detailed information on the devices:
» HM 250 Fundamentals of fluid mechanics
» HM 250.01 Visualisation of pipe flow
» HM 250.02 Measurement of flow profile
» HM 250.03 Visualisation of streamlines
» HM 250.04 Continuity equation
» HM 250.05 Measurement of jet forces
» HM 250.06 Free discharge
» HM 250.07 Bernoulli's principle
» HM 250.08 Losses in pipe elements
» HM 250.09 Fundamentals of pipe friction
» HM 250.10 Pressure curve along the inlet section
» HM 250.11 Open channel

» further information





Thermoline - fundamentals of heat transfer

thermoline web


Network-compatible GUNT devices

Online course and experiments on the fundamentals of heat transfer


GUNT offers the THERMOLINE series of network-compatible devices for the fundamentals of heat transfer.

What does network capability mean?

You have network access to ongoing experiments by any number of external workstations. This allows students at any workstation to follow and evaluate the experiments in the laboratory.

Please find further detailed information on the devices:
» WL 420 Heat conduction in metals
» WL 422 Heat conduction in fluids
» WL 430 Heat conduction and convection
» WL 440 Free and forced convection
» WL 460 Heat transfer by radiation

» further information



Assembly projects


Digital & innovative! Next generation assembly exercises

A completely new learning concept results from classical assembly exercises combined with interactive data and creates access to industry 4.0 understanding.


Get more information in the accompanying video, our » flyer, or check out our current assembly exercises directly.



» Spur gear MT 120

» Mitre gear MT 121

» Planetary gear MT 122

» Spur and worm gear MT 123


Valves and fittings:

» Pneumatically driven control valve MT 101

» Electrically driven control valve MT 102



» Piston compressor MT 141



» Gear pump MT 136



Of course, we would like to present the assembly exercises during an online presentation.

Please use the » contact form for this purpose.



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