Wellhead and Xmas-Tree Operation Trainer


WaXTOT parts

WaXTOT demonstrates pumping a simulated crude oil through a wellhead and X-mas tree. All details of the plant are on latest industrial level, fully authentic to modern field systems.


Afterwards, the synthetic crude oil is split into oil, water and air by phase separation and is then re-mixed to ensure its homogeneous composition.






The wellhead holds casing head, spools and tubing head. Each of these parts is equipped with pressure gauge, a shut-off valve to the pressure gauge and at least one shut-off valve to the annulus. The pressure gauges are connected to the annulus. In this trainer, the annulus is connected to ambient air.


The X-mas tree contains the lower and upper master valve, wing valves and choke valves to control the flow rate.


The supply unit provides the synthetic crude oil for the pump units. Thin blades in the phase separator promote the separation due to coalescence of tiny oil droplets to larger ones. In front of a weir, water accumulates as denser phase at the ground of the phase separator and oil as lighter phase at the top. Air is collected in the remaining space between liquid level and the separation wall and is vented outdoor. Oil and water are returned to the storage tanks and then forwarded by pumps. Two static mixers blend oil, water and compressed air to a homo­geneous synthetic crude oil. This mixture again feeds the production line.




Learning objectives

WaxTOT Lehrsituation2

General learning objectives


  • process engineering
  • instrumentation & process control engineering
WaxTOT Lehrsituation

More specific learning objectives


  • reading piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), locating appropriate components
  • function of wellhead and X-mas tree
  • function of wellhead control panel
  • behaviour of control loops (level, pressure and flow rate)





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