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CE 588 Demonstration of dissolved air flotation

Flotation processes are used to separate solids from a liquid (e.g. water). The flotation process most commonly used in water treatment is dissolved air flotation.The suspension to be treated (raw water) is placed in a tank. Flocculation chemicals can be added to the raw water in order to improve the flotation of the contaminants. The diatomite provided is suitable as a contaminant... 

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CE 588

CE 704 Sequencing batch reactor

The SBR process is a biological, aerobic wastewater treatment process. In contrast to the classic activated sludge process, the individual process steps are not continuous and do not take place simultaneously, but rather are carried out in batches and sequentially in one single reactor.


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CE 579 Depth filtration

Depth filtration is a key unit operation in water treatment. CE 579 enables this process to be demonstrated.Raw water contaminated with solids is pumped from above into a filter. The solids are captured and retained as the raw water flows through the filter bed. The water itself passes through the filter bed and emerges at the bottom end of the filter. The treated water (filtrate) flows into a tank.


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CE 730 Airlift reactor

Airlift reactors are submerged reactors in which the energy input is achieved by applying gas. Compressed air is often used as the gas.During operation compressed air enters the airlift reactor at the bottom through the gas distributor. The added air mixes with the contents of the reactor and rises in the form of air bubbles. The rising air bubbles cause an upward flow. In doing so a portion of the oxygen in the air dissolves in the water.


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HM 142 Separation in sedimentation tanks

In sedimentation tanks, solids are separated out from suspensions under the influence of gravity. In this process the density of the solid particles must be greater than that of the liquid. HM 142 makes it possible to investigate the separation of solids from a suspension in a sedimentation tank.


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Exhibitions / Trade fairs

 11. - 15. June 2018: ACHEMA 2018

ACHEMA – World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries.

You are welcome to visit us in Frankfurt at our Stand.


Hall 9.2, Stand C50

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