Here you may find information on our new products and on our location at trade fairs/exibitions.

New products

CE 640 Biotechnical production of ethanol

As well as its great importance for the chemical and foodstuffs industries, ethanol (alcohol) is increasingly used as a fuel. The CE 640 can be used to conduct realistic experiments for the production of ethanol from starch-based raw materials such as potatoes. The experimental plant consists of three main components: a mash tank, a fermentation tank and a distillation unit. 

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CE 642 Biogas plant

In a biogas plant, microorganisms biologically degradate the organic starting substances (substrate) under exclusion of light and oxygen. The product of this anaerobic degradation is a gas mixture which primarily consists of methane. This gas mixture is called biogas. The experimental plant CE 642 serves to demonstrate the generation of biogas in a practical manner.


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Ce 650 Biodiesel plant

The use of renewable energy carriers in the mobility sector can happen by replacing fossil fuels. One option is biodiesel, which is obtained from vegetable oils. It is produced by adding methanol and potassium hydroxide (as catalyst) and is a transesterification, a chemical equilibrium reaction. On a large industrial scale, production is carried out continuously in stirred tank reactors. This process is demonstrated on a small scale by the CE 650 experimental plant.


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Exhibitions / Trade fairs

GUNT participates regularly in international trade fairs. Among others, GUNT took part at the following trade fairs in the past:
 -  didacta
 -  GESS
 -  world eduction days
 -  Worlddidac
At the moment we are not taking part in any trade fair. Please look in again at a later date.

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