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New products

ET 210 Fundamentals of wind power plants

ET 210 demonstrates a wind power plant with rotor blade adjustment and variable speed generator. The wind power plant stands on a tower in a wind tunnel. The air flow is generated by an adjustable speed fan. A flow straightener ensures consistent and low-turbulence flow. A three-blade rotor drives the generator directly. The rotor blades can be easily replaced....

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MT 120 Assembly exercise: spur gear

The MT 120 unit is a spur gear unit with helical gear wheels. The gear is single-stage and has a fixed transmission ratio (fixed gear unit). Helically cut gear wheels run more smoothly and quietly than straight-toothed gears because the gear teeth intermesh gradually and multiple teeth are engaged.


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MT 121 Assembly exercise: mitre gear

The MT 121 unit is a mitre gear unit with spiral bevel gear wheels. This single-stage gear is used to change the transmission direction and for branching. It is possible to connect two consumers.


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MT 122 Assembly exercise: planetary gear

Planetary gears transmit and often increase torque while reducing speed at the same time. They are often used in wind power plants and as automatic transmission in automobiles.


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New catalogues

Catalogue 3 Thermal engineering


Teaching and research equipment for the entire field of thermodynamics and energy engineering. Clearly structured, curriculum-oriented, and comprehensive, just as you are used to from GUNT.


The many knowledge pages make the catalogue a compendium for the thermal energy technology.


You are welcome to use extracts from the catalogue for your lessons. Please contact us for this.


download of the catalogue

Exhibitions / Trade fairs

19. - 24. February 2019: didacta Cologne - Germany

Visit us in hall 6 booth number D110.


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