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New products

HM 132 Vertical visualisation of flow fields

Fine gas bubbles are perfectly suited to visualising flow fields. Due to Reynolds scaling, many flow processes that occur in air can also be demonstrated by experiments in water.
The trainer consists of a vertical experimental section in which an interchangeable model is inserted. Water flows from bottom to top through the experimental section. Electrolytically generated hydrogen bubbles rise with the flow, flow around the model and visualise the flow. Different models are available: drag bodies (e.g. aerofoils and cylinders) or changes in cross-sections. The length of the experimental section enables for a long wake, where, for example, vortex streets form completely. The black background and the lateral illumination ensure optimal observation. The model can be inserted in two different positions.

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CE 610

CE 610 Comparison of Rectification Columns

The rectification columns are used for the separation of liquid phases. They operate according to the principle of distillation. Distillation is a separation process that includes the partial evaporation of a liquid phase and the condensation of the resulting gas phase. The separation process of rectification is an energy-efficient distillation process with several stages. The substance mix recommended for the operation of the experimental plant is water-ethanol. The CE 610 experimental plant is designed for the continuous operation of one rectification column at a time. The rectification columns are a packed column with pall rings and a sieve tray column with ten trays.


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New catalogues

Catalogue 1 Engineering mechanics and engineering design

Well-founded knowledge of the fundamentals is essential in technical development to design complex systems.
GUNT units help you to obtain this basic knowledge through hands-on experience. Practical experience in using the various components of the system and its machine elements and materials in a correct and appropriate manner is important. Thus, knowledge derives from practice.

Catalogue 1 includes units for demonstrations and experiments, which are helpful for developing the disciplines of engineering mechanics, engineering design, and materials testing.


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Exhibitions / Trade fairs

14. - 16. März 2017: GESS Gulf Educational Supplies and Solutions

GESS Dubai is the largest education event not just in the UAE but across the entire Middle East. It’s the only event that brings together all levels of educationalists together, in one place.

   Date 14.03. - 16.03.2017
   GESS Dubai venue
   DWTC is centrally located and is widely regarded as a 1st class business to business venue, with all the facilities required for a top trade event in one exhibition hall.
         Dubai World Trade Centre
         PO Box 9292

You are welcome to visit us at the  GESS DUBAI at the German Pavilion in hall 8.


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